‘Check it out, mate’

Alderney Cancer Relief (ACR) has launched a men’s health awareness campaign in partnership with Cancer Research UK called ‘Check It Out Mate!’.

The awareness campaign is to get men of all ages to book an appointment with the Island Medical Centre in Alderney if they notice any changes in their body.

We were commissioned to create the campaign which involved an identity and a variety of literature, highlighting the seriousness of Cancer and the importance of spotting symptoms early.

Leaflets will be posted to all households in the island, posters will be shared and drink coasters with links to further information will be distributed. 

Chair of the ACR, James Roberts, said “We really want to emphasise how important it is for men of all ages to read the information leaflet, to be aware of the type of symptoms to look out for and visit the IMC if you notice any changes. 

“We also want to urge anyone between 60 – 70 years to participate in bowel screening when you are invited, please don’t ignore the kit, doing the test is free, and easy, and could save your life.” 

The initiative has also received support from Cancer Research UK.

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