Helping to build families

The UK’s No. 1 family-building show is back for its third year, and we have given it a fresh new look for 2023.

Held at the iconic 8 Northumberland in central London, The Modern Family Show is an educational family-building event like no other.

Designed to safely guide and support the LGBTQ+ community to understand their options for wanting children, it offers help and advice around Surrogacy and IVF/IUI, Adoption, Fostering, Co-Parenting, Fertility Preservation, Solo Parenting, and Egg/Sperm Donation. 

Founded by Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis, who themselves are dads via UK Surrogacy, they also head up TwoDadsUK and My Surrogacy Journey, who are also clients.

We have worked with The Modern Family Show since its inception creating its identity and brand, and this year we have evolved it to give it a fresh, bold style which includes social and digital assets, a new website (currently under construction) and a variety of printed literature.

For the event we will also be creating the venue dressing, plus a variety of stage and exhibition booth designs.

Click here for more information, or to book tickets for the show.

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