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A new brand for historic campaigns

Collexchange is a new online service bringing militaria buyers and sellers together on one simple platform.

There are thousands of militaria dealers and collectors, but buying and selling has never been easy. Where do buyers find the items that they want? There are dozens of auction houses, many who have little idea what they are selling, as well as charging high commission rates to both buyers and sellers.

Driven by a passion for collecting quality militaria, and the need for a better way for buyers and sellers to connect and trade, Collexchange was formed.

We were approached to develop a full brand identity for Collexchange, as a new company, this included the development of a brand foundation, consisting of the identity, colour palette, font use, brand styling and image treatments.

The second stage of the project was to develop the website, both the visual aspect, but importantly, the user experience; how the user navigates the site and how to get them quickly to the information what they are looking for and encourage them to register and use the platform.

Supporting materials have also developed for social media, print and e-communication to help promote the new service and build recognition.

We believe curating valuable war memorabilia and regimental insignia from historical battles and military campaigns is crucial to protecting their historical significance for future generations. Collexchange is dedicated to facilitating a quality, trusted militaria service – keeping its community safe, secure and satisfied.

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