Skye is the limit

The beautiful Isle of Skye was the setting for a recent brand project that we were commissioned to create.

Roskhill House, built in 1890, is a five-bedroom guesthouse near Dunvegan, a perfect location for those seeking pure and spontaneous pleasures, while exploring the limitless beauty of the Skye.

In Old Norse, Roskhill is thought to mean ‘Horse Gully’, from “Hross” and “Gil” –

and was perhaps inspired by the mythical water horses that previously roamed through Roskhill.

This Nordic theme was the basis for our brand, as the guesthouse has been designed to have a very warm and welcoming hygge style, creating a mood of cosiness with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Our brand features a scandi-style horse woodcut, with a clean and simple typeface that reflects the simple nature of Skye, the black and white colour scheme resembles the traditional signage that is found on properties on the isle. This simple scheme is complemented with a secondary palette that finds its inspiration from the natural surrondings that Roskhill finds itself in.

Not only have we created the brand style, we have heavily influenced their new website, which features a promotional video, designed external signage, and currently have a range of guest information literature underway too.

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